About Us - The Whole Child Approach

Village Nursery School (VNS) educates children intellectually, creatively, socially, emotionally, and physically. The foundation of our program is a rich classroom experience which provides an educational environment dedicated to integrating, building upon, and valuing the differing needs and unique qualities of all students. The school follows a developmental model of education, to provide a nurturing child-centered environment that supports each child’s learning style and developmental readiness. Most importantly, VNS promotes the joy and happiness that young children need and deserve in their first school experience.

We offer programs for preschool, kindergarten, and extended day sessions. In addition, VNS offers a variety of afternoon enrichment programs such as Art, Science & Nature. World Cultures, Cooks and Books, Egypt, and China just to mention a few. Ages for enrollment are 2.0 years old through 6 years-old. Students come from Harvard and many of the neighboring communities.

Low student-teacher ratios make it possible for our teachers to focus on each child’s unique learning style and special talents. We encourage every youngster to develop at his or her own pace, nurturing them with activities and lessons that emphasize fun and creativity. Our qualified staff includes teachers with credentials and experience rarely seen in the preschool environment. The school's current director, Erin Keiran and her teaching staff have a strong background in early childhood education. Many have been with VNS for five, 10, or even 15 years. Our close-knit faculty enhances the school’s overall ability to serve young students, promoting a sense of community and caring.

VNS provides a bright and happy space in which children can grow and learn. We designed our current facility with young children in mind … large, sunny rooms with plenty of storage space, a parents’ room, and a safe, well-equipped playground. Although our building is new, our history spans 60 years. The Village Nursery School was founded in 1953 in response to the local need for a non-sectarian nursery school. It is the oldest continuously operating preschool in Harvard.

Parents play an important role. We encourage but do not require strong parental involvement and provide numerous opportunities for parents to volunteer their time or talents to make VNS an even better place for young students to grow and mature.

VNS is a non-profit, non-denominational preschool and kindergarten that does not discriminate in providing services to children and their families or in its employment policies on the basis of race, religion, cultural heritage, political beliefs, marital status, sexual orientation, toilet training, or disability.


The primary goal of the Village Nursery School and Kindergarten is to provide a developmentally appropriate preschool education that is a healthy and happy experience. We recognize each child as an individual and foster an environment in which everyone has the opportunity to develop at his or her own rate emotionally, socially, physically, and intellectually.

While maintaining a secure atmosphere that is relaxed, supportive and responsive to the fundamental needs and differences of each child, our teachers challenge students to progress to new levels of maturity and learning. Whether working or playing independently, cooperatively with their peers, or in close interaction with he teaching staff, all children are encouraged to undertake new adventures and acquire a diverse repertoire of developmental skills and experiences.

The Village Nursery School offers small classes, each of which is supervised by either a head teacher and assistant teacher or a team of two co-teachers. The school employs a director, teachers, assistants, an when necessary consultants and advisors, who by prior education, training,experience, and interest in early childhood education can meet the the needs of the children and uphold the school's philosophy and goals.

School Grounds


Coming soon. Take a virtual tour around our school, updated playground and new ballfield!

Parent Association

At Village Nursery School (VNS) we welcome parental involvement at all levels.  Family involvement is a wonderful complimentary element to a child’s preschool experience.  Our families come from Harvard and a number of surrounding communities, seeking the nurturing environment of the school and the positive connections that are built via this first school experience. Our active Parent Association sponsors special events for students and families throughout the year offering opportunities to connect with other families and students in relaxed settings.  Our Parent Association has sponsored events which have included:

  • family pizza and movie nights
  • speakers on parenting issues, such as, children’s nutrition
  • wilderness hikes
  • spa visits
  • sledding parties (with cocoa)
  • wine tastings
  • performance artists and music concerts for students and families


Each parent automatically becomes a member of the Parent Association with the enrollment of their child at VNS. A volunteer organization, parents can attend events, or take on a role to organize and plan activities depending on their interest and availability.

For more information on ways you can help, please call the school at 978-456-3993.