Village Nursery School (VNS) offers two types of enrichment programs which supplement and enhance our students' experience:

  • School day special events, performances and specialists
  • After school topics that allow children to explore focused subjects during multi-week sessions


Throughout the year VNS brings in specialists and artists to present to the children as part of the curricula, some of which are sponsored by the VNS Parent Association. The programs include musical, cultural, environment, and literary programs.  Enrichment programs are offered at a variety of times throughout the year. They are made available during normal class times, as a special school activity or as an after class program.

These onsite performances and presentations let students experience storytellers, musicians and selected topics in a small group setting that fosters questions and exposure to a number of talented professionals.  Examples of past events have in included:

  • - Tom Foote from Rhythmkids
  • - The Science Guy (Steve Lechner)
  • - Pumpernickel Puppets
  • - Animal Adventures
  • - And a variety of storytellers


Our well regarded set of after-school enrichment sessions let children explore, investigate and simply enjoy specialized topics. Learning a yoga pose, sampling foods and the culture of Egypt, setting up a garden, cooking recipes from popular age appropriate books are just a sample of the changing  offerings the VNS faculty has developed and honed over the years.  Many of our classes take advantage of the expansive grounds at Village Nursery School and the nature trails that surround our building.  Teachers are able to create projects and courses that integrate this resource from collecting nature specimens to setting up gardens.

These after-school, small group classes foster a sense of wonder about the world. Our enrichment classes encourage playful exploration and socialization while introducing unique topics to preschool age students.
After class programs typically run for seven sessions and are offered three times a year for approximately eight weeks. Examples of classes that have been available include:

  • - Yoga
  • - Science & Nature
  • - Art club
  • - Culture Club
  • - Cooks and Books club
  • - Thematic units on different countries, such as Egypt and China
  • - Sports and Games

2013-2014 Calendar


VNS operates for 36 weeks each academic year and generally follows the Harvard public school calendar. We begin in September and end in June.